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“The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.”
- Bruce Springsteen -

Saturday, September 26, 2009

#33 Brothers Under the Bridges (’83) by Bruce Springsteen

There is a place where dreams and ideals are alive - in the hearts of young boys in the midst of their search for a place to belong. It doesn’t take much to connect the lives of young boys with one another. Sports, games, adventures…these things bond them and allow them to experience love and a sense of belonging even though they may not recognize it as such. To them, it’s just good times. It seems so simple when we are young.

What we idealize in youth quickly fades to bleak realities as we grow older. Nothing can prepare us for what life will bring, what changes will come our way, the good and bad. What we may dream to become, to be a part of, may not fulfill our grown-up desires as it did in our youth. The more we chase after it, the more the shiny wrapping paper is torn away and we’re left with what is inside in all it’s imperfection and glory. Some of these dreams are taken from us and others just slowly lift away like fog at the mercy of the sun’s rays.

No matter where we go or how much we grow, one thing will always remain – that need for friendship, for a close connection – a bond that will stay with us whether we’re running barefoot around our the neighborhood of our youth or in a foreign land fighting our way home. The dream fades but it never goes away…

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  1. Even if dreams don't fade, I agree that many people reset their priorities in life. One person I know changed her major four times before settling on one. Great post!

    Hope that you can see and comment on my latest post: