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“The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.”
- Bruce Springsteen -

Friday, September 18, 2009

#25 Blood Brothers by Bruce Springsteen

The easy way we love as children, the untarnished devotion we have for others when we are young is eroded by pressures and anxieties of life. We slowly let fade the ideals and dreams of our youth. They are dismissed as naïve and impractical as our eyes are opened wider to the surrounding reality of the world we must survive in.

“Now I don’t know how I feel…if I’ve lost or I’ve gained sight” calls into question what we should allow to shape our lives. It seems as we grow up, we grow backwards. What we call maturing is really taking us further from how God (insert your belief here) intended us to be. The purity of youth that allows us to be united with each other in the most intimate way, by our blood, slowly fades as we make our paths in the world as individuals. These vital connections are broken and sent adrift down the twilight's river of misplaced dreams.

We can only hope, with these memories living and burning in our hearts, to some day return there again, where we truly belong, reunited with our brothers in humanity…some day, somewhere long past the darkness.

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