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“The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with.”
- Bruce Springsteen -

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My blog is about to take a slight turn. In my effort to find focus, I am going to set myself a goal that will not only force me to write every day but will also allow me to concentrate on something I am passionate about: the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen.

You DO NOT NEED TO BE a Springsteen fan to appreciate my blog. You just need to be interested in the human experience. My blog will not be about Springsteen, but rather the ideas his lyrics generate and the ways in which I relate (or do not relate) to them in my life.

My goal is to write about each song as listed in ABC order on his website I will start at the top, and each day, beginning Tuesday August 25, 2009, I will take his song lyrics and expound on them. There are 267 (if I counted correctly).

I will still post photos and my own poetry as they relate to the songs. I’m really excited about it and know this will generate some thoughtful discussions. I hope you will enjoy it too.

Please keep me posted with your thoughts on this!


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  1. In light of your new focus on Bruce Springsteen, your name, Thunderroad79, makes sense now! :D

    This is my favorite Springsteen song of all time!

    I really liked your comment on my Monk review. If you get the chance, please follow my blog!